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Consumer units -

Consumer Units

The Consumer Unit or ‘Fuse board’ protects all of the different circuits and cables within your installation. Latest regulations state that all circuits must be protected by a 30mA RCD in order to prevent electric shocks to users and or faulty appliances – the biggest cause of electrical fires within the home.

Testing and inspection -

Testing & Inspection

It is important to regularly check on the condition of the electrics in your home. This helps identify any faults or defects that could require improvement and will ensure the continued operation of the installation in a safe and effective manner.


Air Con Installation

We design, install, maintain, repair and replace heating and cooling systems, from a small individual unit serving a single room through to multiple large commercial units serving whole floors.

Electric heaters -

Electric & Storage Heaters

We are experts at installing smart and standard storage heaters. We give you maximum comfort, total control and savings of up to 27% off your heating bill. Benefit from huge savings off your energy bill when switching to a smart storage heater.